What Does It Cost?

So... what’s all of this spectacularness going to cost?

Why, I’m so glad you asked!

Please keep in mind:


• Transport for your bike and luggage to Pedal the West and back home again. No bicycle disassembly, no bike packing, no bike shipping, no airline surcharges.  

We'll pick up bikes and luggage in:

New York City

Paramus, NJ



St. Louis

Kansas City


If you can take advantage of this service it’s huge -- you do NOT pay for bike packing, shipping, or re-assembly,  and you don't pay airline fees for your bike or luggage. (By comparison, taking your bike on the plane along with a checked piece of luggage would cost an extra $350 r/t or so).

If you DO need to ship your bike, not to worry -- we’ll help you with the safest, least-expensive options.

     • Five nights of lodging in top hotels.  The price is based on two people per room. Single rooms available for an additional $685.  (We don't earn anything from that extra fee -- we just give it to the hotels).

• Welcome drinks in Las Vegas.

• Three great full meals everyday.  We do not do lunch on arrival and departure day, because you are likely to be on an airplane at lunchtime!  There is one dinner in Las Vegas where we turn you loose to get trouble, so that dinner is not included in the price of the trip. (All-night binges and bail money not included).

• We'll always buy drinks in sane quantities at dinner -- if you want that 50-year-old Scotch, you're on your own!  

• Charter private aircraft from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. (We fly private planes because there is no such thing as a commercial flight from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon!)

          Shuttle to move your bike and you ahead each day if you with to pedal a shorter route. (This is one of the best things about riding with us -- each day you can pick how far you want to pedal.)  

• Professional bike mechanic available each day we ride.

• Full road support (S.A.G.)  Are you out on the ride and had enough, or just need a hand?  Call us and we'll be glad to help.

          Well marked routes and route sheets, plus digital files for your Garmin or smartphone if you wish.

• All park entrance fees.

• All gratuities.

• If you are bringing your own bike case or box we are happy to transport it during the ride for free.


          Airfare.  Prices vary (and some of you may be using frequent flyer miles).

          Bike rental. We assume that you are bringing your own bike. We can help you arrange bike rental if you wish, which costs extra.  

• We welcome non-pedaling friends or spouses who want to join the trip. They pay the same price as cyclists.

          Dinners include alcohol in sane proportions for those who wish to imbibe.  If you want to drink beyond that (or want that $200 bottle of wine or $50 glass of port) you have to pay for it yourself.

• Legal marijuana in Nevada and Arizona. You are welcome to purchase it... but we don't pay for it!

          As mentioned, we are transporting the bikes for free from seven different cities to Las Vegas and then back home from the end of the trip.  If you want bike shipping and transport using a different method we are happy to help, but it will cost extra.  There is no discount for NOT using our bike transport.


• One dinner in Las Vegas is not included on purpose -- we want you to explore Las Vegas on your own! Dining options range from cheap sandwich shops to gourmet meals and everything in between.  

          Each day a pro bike mechanic will be available to tweak anything that needs tweaking. This is free. If your bike needs parts or major surgery it will cost extra.

          Spare inner tubes. Bring them. We will not provide them for free, and EVERY bike gets a flat sometime. I have a really whiny philosophy about WHY we don’t provide tubes, and if you’re extra good I promise to never bore you with it.

TOTAL PRICE:$4825 per person

Prices are based on two people per room.

If you want a room of your own for the entire trip please add $685 (our cost).

Looking for a roommate to share? Just let us know during online registration --

We are here to help!

Hey Glen -- why is this trip so expensive?

I'm glad you asked!  

About 10% of the price is our profit. We work very hard to make our trips amazing, and we think that's a fair price.  (It takes about a year to put one of these adventures together, so...)

All of the rest of the money is spent on you -- top meals, charter aircraft, great service, taking good care of your bike and you...  Hope you can make it.


You don’t have to pay for the entire trip all at once if you don’t want to.

When you register for the ride we will ask for a $500 deposit by credit card to save your space in the ride.

The balance of the payment for your trip is due as follows:

An additional $1,000 per person is due within 30 days after you register.

The final balance is due no later than August 1, 2022.

We'll send you an invoice as a friendly reminder when payment is due.

You can make payments by credit card, or pay your balance by check and receive a discount of $100 per person for the trip.


Need to Cancel Right Away?

Not to worry -- you have 14 days from the time you register to cancel without penalty. You get back ALL of your deposit.

If You Cancel Between 15-30 Days After You Register

You will have a $500 credit with us, which you can use for any of our events.

If You Cancel After 30 Days

After 30 days we are unable to offer credits or refunds of any kind for any reason. You can sell your spot on your own if you wish, or we will try to sell it for you after the trip is full.

SO... we strongly recommend that you consider buying trip insurance here.  That way if something happens where you can’t attend the trip you’re covered. This insurance is offered by an excellent insurance company that has paid out many times to our cycling friends over the years. Every trip we do we get a last-minute plea from a cyclist with an emergency -- trip insurance covers you and gets you a refund. No matter how ill your mother/cat/ficus tree is, we can not issue ANY last-minute refunds.

Prices for the insurance? Depend on the options you pick. Feel free to go to the insurance site here and play around -- no commitment or credit card required. No sales pitches or phone calls.