How to Join the Ride

Step-by-step easy instructions

1.     Register for the ride here.  You’ll be charged a $500 deposit.  You have 14 days to cancel for any reason if you wish and get a FULL refund.


     2.     Be sure you register for the ride before you book airfare for yourself. All the information on how to book your airfare is right here.

September 7th is the first night of lodging included in the price of the ride. If you want to travel to Las Vegas a few days earlier that’s fine.  Just let us know and we’ll help -- we can get you the same room rate we pay if you wish, and arrange it so you don’t have to switch rooms once the official trip starts.

September 11th is the last night of lodging provided. If you want extra nights in Sedona, AZ -- our last stop -- just let us know.

3.We’ll send you an invoice for the balance due.  You can pay by credit card, or if you prefer pay by check and save $100 per person.

4.     Let’s go!  See you way out West!